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Guns N’ Roses & Blink-182 – Amplify’d

“Stand up will you?? Rock 'n' roll isn’t meant to be comfortable!” screams Thin Lizzy’s frontman. Really? Not so, ensconced in the Showdeck at the LG Arena where we await headliner Guns N’ Roses. Sorry Lizzy but this is comfy!  Sat Bal (25 Jun 12)

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Clarins’ something for the weekend

If I said you could make your man’s skin smoother and deep-cleansed with just one product you’d probably want to put it to the test. Clarins claim to offer just that with their launch of  2-in-1 Clarins Men daily exfoliating cleanser – with results in just four weeks!  Abigail Parkin ponders the benefits of men looking more like Clarins’ ambassador Camille Lacourt (pictured). 15 June ’12

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British Festivals preview 2012

Summer festivals need not be an endurance test of mud and unspeakable loo experiences. The social science of ‘glamping’ has brought increasing luxury to the festival field; hot showers, gourmet dining with real cutlery, comfy beds and  somewhere a girl can plug in her GHDs. Abigail Parkin tracks the luxury options that allow you to slum it in style this summer. (6 June ‘12).


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