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Introducing C de Cartier

The fine jeweller brings us the C de Cartier bag in a range of colours for a range of moods. Hannah Charlesworth gets moody. (10 Jun'15)

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Five-Star Driving at The Athenaeum

Cut a dash this summer behind the wheel of a Union Jack wrapped convertible Jaguar XK8, courtesy of the five-star Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments. Chris Page (9 Apr’15) Read more


Aston Martin Parks in Shanghai

Aston Martin China

The 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition has created firsts for Aston Martin Lagonda. Its innovative DBX Concept and exclusive Lagonda Taraf got their first showing in China, indicating Aston Martin’s commitment to the market. Sat Bal (21 Apr’15)

The luxury brand’s CEO Dr Andy Palmer oversaw the display of handcrafted luxury sports cars in Shanghai with each model on display representing a distinctive and differentiated story for Chinese customers. The emphasis is clearly on a decade-hence future as exemplified by the DBX Concept.

“With its unique fusion of high luxury and advanced technology along with its day-to-day practicality, the DBX Concept is a piece of fresh, bold thinking about how the high luxury GT sector may evolve,” said Dr Palmer. “It is our first all-electric, all-wheel drive car, showcasing the brand’s world-class engineering and design capabilities, and we believe this type of product will be particularly appealing to customers in China.”

The Shanghai exhibition also provided an opportunity to communicate Aston Martin’s “Second Century” plan which will see every model in the current line-up replaced and up to three new models lines will be added by the end of the decade in what the carmaker says is the largest investment plan in its 102 year history.

 “I have challenged not only convention but also my team to investigate an electric version of the Rapide, a product which will undoubtedly be attractive for the China market. Our relationships with leading Chinese companies such as Hanergy and now with Letv shows the potential to connect British craftsmanship with the very latest in Chinese technology,” added Dr Palmer.

The Lagonda Taraf will be limited to a global production run of just 200 super-saloons and draws inspiration from the highly sought-after William Towns-designed Lagonda of 1976. The model will further benefit from the growth of Q by Aston Martin, the bespoke personalisation service which aims to cater for customers’ interior design whims to create ultra-personalised luxury sports cars for an increasing number of Chinese customers.

In Shanghai guests on the show stand were able to take a closer look at the wide array of options available through the Q by Aston Martin service.  They could also take heart from the fact that the new eight-speed models on display at the Aston Martin stand – the Vanquish and Rapide S – are now available to order in China along with the Lagonda Taraf.

The latest versions of the Vanquish and Rapide S feature the new state-of-the-art ZF Touchtronic III 8-speed automatic transmission and show improvements in all major areas of the cars’ performance and fuel economy. Both models can reach top speeds in excess of 200 mph.

 “The China auto show debuts of the DBX Concept and Lagonda Taraf at Auto Shanghai 2015 are a clear signal that China is an increasingly significant market for Aston Martin,” said Michael Peng, president of Aston Martin China. “In the second century, we will continue to place a high importance on China and its growing number of discerning luxury sports car enthusiasts.  We have stable and long-term relationships with our China dealer partners who represent the brand in 15 key cities on the Mainland, and we will work with these partners to continue to deliver first-class services to our valued Chinese customers.”

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Summertyne Americana Festival

SummerTyne Americana Festival tickets are now on sale. What’s more, to celebrate its 10th birthday, the festival’s  organisers have announced the staging of a weekend party featuring its famous friends and the pick of new  breakthrough acts. Hannah Charlesworth (1 Apr’15) Read more


Inner Sanctum

Dating clubs often evoke images of tacky pick-up joints with an uneven  ratio of men and women, featuring liberal levels of alcohol. London’s The Inner Circle aims to change all of that with the launch of  its dedicated singles bar. Hannah Charlesworth  (1 Apr’15)   Read more