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Madonna takes Cardiff

Madonna’s world tour got off to a rapturous, if controversial, start at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff where fans bayed for encores. The stadium, which this summer hosted Bruce Springsteen and Neil Diamond, was chosen by the performer for the opening night of her 51-date Sticky and Sweet tour - her first with promoter Live Nation. By Abigail Parkin (28 Aug'08) 

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WBPO '07: Client - Madonna Ciccone Event Wedding Venue - Skibo Castle, Scotland

"Madonna came to us via a recommendation. I'd organised a wedding for her friend several months earlier. The friend told me that Madonna would be in touch but I didn't hear anything until about six weeks later.

"It was then that Madonna called me on her mobile about her wedding plans. Privacy was one of the biggest issues and she said that she would require a very private venue for her wedding. I suggested Skibo Castle.

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Navigation systems

The corporate hospitality and events industry mushrooms across the length and breadth of the nation.  For most of us this often means a single month can present a very varied diary. An awards ceremony at Grosvenor House? A hotel launch in Manchester? An exhibition at Glasgow's SECC? Followed, perhaps, by a team incentive event in the New Forest. For those organising the events, time is vital. The advent of satellite navigation reduces  waste of professional time (and fuel). As with so much technology the range on offer can be confusing. Here, we look at some of the entry-level choices that can help business drivers get from A to B on time and with minimal road stress.  Sat Bal  (25 Oct '07)

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Upper class act - Flight Review

Gatwick airport on a Sunday morning isn’t for the faint-hearted as Sat Bal finds. Parents and recalcitrant kids, iPod shufflers and baggage-heavy tourists jostle to make today’s airports indistinguishable from shopping malls at sale time. (5 Jul 07)

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Story of O - 13

What happens when Hollywood’s elite wants to party for charitable reasons? Well, the location becomes Cannes at Festival time, the venue becomes a multi-million pound yacht and event management company GSP is enlisted to produce the party. Sat Bal hopped on board. (24 May'07)

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WBPO 2006: Client - Interior Designer Location -Northants, UK

"Event clients come to us with varying levels of what they want from their event. Some will have no thoughts on the visual detail while others are very specific. This brief from an interior design client was, however, specific and not surprising given the client's field. Read more


WBPO 2006: Location - Venice Event - Dinner Dance 400 Guests

"Here we transformed a palazzo in Venice ready for a dinner and dance. The several hundred invited guests arrived in 30 private water taxis. As for equipment every piece, from glassware to a marquee with a transparent roof, was transported on the Grand Canal by barge. It took two days to set this up and all the furniture came from England and a local restaurant did our catering.

"The event involved a whole weekend of parties. We brought in the jazz band from New Orleans and it was actually the original band which featured in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever.

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Terminator 3 Party - Cannes Film Festival


“I’ll be back,” he promised film fans across the globe in Terminator 2 and Arnold Schwarzenegger kept his word. Sat Bal joined Arnold and co-stars in Cannes at host Pierre Cardin’s futuristic villa.

The party reportedly cost £2 million and was organised MTV Networks Europe and Columbia TriStar pictures. MTV knows a thing or two about staging glitzy events as we’ve seen from its flagship MTV Awards and fashion designer Pierre Cardin’s Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace) was an inspired choice. We’ve never seen a home/venue like it – warrens of spacey rooms and swimming pools with waterfalls reminiscent of the sci-fi setting of the film Barbarella.

A-Listers at the party included Jerry Hall and Samuel L Jackson (who kindly lent us his car!). So tight was the security that even our media posse had to be escorted in by security to avoid people being mugged for their laminates and passes. Adrien Brody, star of The Pianist found that even stardom didn’t hold much sway with the burly security teams, though he made it into the party. Narrowly.


“It’s great to be here at this party,” Schwarzenegger told us at the event. “Since Terminator 2 this industry has grown so much. Just look around you. More camera crews and press than ever before and the public is here in such great numbers. And the film hasn’t even been released yet!”

Indeed, much has moved on in the 12 years since T2 crashed onto the big screen and T3 has resolved to capture the zeitgeist too. “There have been huge advances in visual effects which have become so sophisticated now,” continued the actor, who was reportedly paid $30 million for his T3 role. “The big difference between the two films is that we have used digital effects to create a very different type of film this time around.”


Revellers at the Bubble Palace

MTV Networks Europe pan-European events director Macky Drese told us: "Columbia Tristar briefed us on T3's content and commissioned a party themed around the film. We then employed various lighting and projection techniques to create an urban landscape to reflect the film. We also used animatronics plus a couple of Arnies in various states of destruction, all created by Oscar winner Stan Winston."

MTV enlisted Adrian Smith from The Design Stage as creative director for the event. He collaborated with UK events agency GSP.

Party guests schmoozed their way through 4,000 bottles of Mumm champagne and as many bottles of spirits, oblivious to the rigours of making T3. “It was very tiring to make this movie,” said Schwarzenegger. “Stunt scenes had to be done over and over again. I hurt my back and hip and had to have surgery on my shoulder. But I’m in great shape now and am looking forward to many more good years in movies.”

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is released worldwide July 2003