Anna-Louise Felstead

The work of Anna-Louise Felstead (left) crosses subject matter almost as often as she crosses the globe. Here, the reportage artist reveals the buzz of painting at events and venues ranging from mosques to military ships.


What does the work of a reportage artist involve and when did you discover this creative flair?

Being a reportage artist means you have to be willing to put yourself in positions where you wouldn’t ordinarily be. When on location, people often watch me draw which means you have to be confident in your work and not allow them to put you off. This can be hard when crowds form as happened to me recently when painting a mosque in Dubai. In the end I had to close my sketchpad until the crowd dispersed. I also believe you have to be fast as a reportage artist. Nothing stays still in real life so you have to work quickly and confidently. I realised I had a talent at a very young age. My teacher at nursery school even put up one of my paintings of some sunflowers in the staff room, telling my mother she knew I would be a successful artist one day.

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