About last night…No.41 Club, Mayfair

So the hard work, nerves and anticipation have all paid off. Your big event is over. How was it for you? Abigail Parkin takes stock with No.41 nightclub’s Goran St German and last night’s launch in Mayfair. (14 Mar’14)

What was the launch about?

Goran St German:  No.41 is new to the Mayfair club scene and it’s vital that we spread the word that we’re here. Despite being new we have already had some great events such as Joan Collins' book launch, the after party for the premiere of The Invisible Woman and a fundraiser by the Marchioness of Worcester for The Pig Pledge. After the introduction party last night we should see many more great events at No.41

 Why did you stage it?

As well as being a great nightclub, it’s also a very versatile event space. Our guests were from the world of PR, fashion and events - just the people that would want to stage their events with us at No.41, so it was great to be able to showcase the venue for them - with some great cocktails and canapés thrown in for good measure!

 Any organisational challenges?

We had such a huge response that our guest list actually ended up being twice the size that we had originally intended! Thankfully, due to the normal expected drop rate we had a lovely number of 80 people, just the right number to be able to speak to everyone and show them the club. We don’t have our own kitchens but are lucky enough to be affiliated with the 5* Westbury Hotel and they provide all of our delicious canapés for us.

 Did the event fulfil your expectations?

Yes  Everyone really loved the club and it was great to meet so many interesting people who we can work with in the future.

 What's next for No 41?

Onwards and upwards!


No.41, 41 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1S 2YF


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