About us

Red Carpet magazine plays editorial host to a £multi-billion industry that spans the worlds of hospitality, entertainment and luxury brands.

 Our mission is to identify and publicise ‘the red carpet’ of the industry: the financiers, the world-class event organisers, the creative and performing talent, luxury goods purveyors - plus the venues and travel infrastructure that makes this sector truly global.

Red Carpet is where they come and turn up the volume on their launch events and brand campaigns. Why? Because they know that our editorial coverage will be read by potential clients with panache and purchasing power.

‘They’ include Rolls-Royce, MTV Networks, Warner Bros, Lexus, IHG, LVMH, British Airways and other global brands that have formed board-level engagement with Red Carpet.

Our style is immersive; we don’t simply cover the red carpet - we’re regularly on the red carpet.  From film premieres to music and fashion events, From blue-chip product reveals to hospitality venue launches, all executed with the highest production values by the most imaginative event organisers in the sector.

Our consumer readers lap up our panoramic and discerning view of the luxury and entertainment sectors . The long-form mix of celebrity and business coverage makes for entertainment with an edge and swells traffic to the site.

Behind the scenes, or upfront reviewing high-end products and services, Red Carpet is a true business-consumer hybrid that meaningfully engages consumers with brands – and brands with prospective customers.

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