Brand Launches


Diamond Days

Jeweller 77 Diamonds has claimed a world first by firing a diamond worth £12,000 into space. Treasure hunters are alerted that it’s landed within a five- mile radius of the village of Lea, Gainsborough - and is still unclaimed. Hannah Charlesworth (13 Aug’14) . Read more


Luxury Comedy Returns

The notion of adding the word  ‘luxury’ to ‘comedy’  is initself  “Genius!” as Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh might say. Luxury Comedy rolled out for a second series last night after a divisive debut.  Sat Bal (1 Aug’14) Read more


Taj Hotels Launches Ad Campaign

As the luxury hotel sector continues to woo guests with ever-imaginative points of difference Taj Hotels makes its pitch with the launch of a new global advertising campaign: Performance Art.  Sat Bal (1 Aug’14) Read more


Warner Bros releases The Hobbit Tease Trailer

The 'Defining Chapter' is imminent as Warner Bros. Pictures releases its trailer for the new Hobbit instalment: The Battle Of The Five Armies. Kelly Vella (29 Jul'14) Read more


The Georgian unveils new look at Harrods


Afternoon tea at Harrods’ historic restaurant, The Georgian, will be a fresh experience from today when guests can enjoy its new design flourishes. Chris Page (25 July’14)  Read more


Breakfast Clubbing with APM at Zinc

Ever wondered how to sustain the buzz of 3am clubland when pleasure’s still on the mind? Easy. Just head to a club that opens until 7am. Meet APM (Always Past Midnight). Chris Page (7 Jul '14).

Read more


The Clubhouse Expands to new Mayfair Space

Mayfair has just acquired its newest business club with the launch of The Clubhouse last week. Anna Bass (20 Jun’14) Read more


Mahiki Pops Up at Taste of London

Mahiki nightclub’s  accessibility steps up a notch when it sets up at the Taste of London food festival this summer. Chris Page (11 Jun’14) Read more


Sir Nick Nails Knight Fever

Revellers who like it intimate should head to club veteran Nick House’s new venture, Rusty Nail. Here the select few can sip super-premium whiskies and cocktails with fellow thinkers and drinkers in  house party mode. Sat Bal Page (4 Jun’14) Read more


Join Geneva’s Jet Set in Canary Wharf

A 20-metre replica of Geneva’s famous Jet d’Eau fountained among Canary Wharf’s community this morning in the waters of Middle Dock. Tweet-alerted on Red Carpet yesterday, here are the event images . Abigail Parkin (24 Apr’14) Read more