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If I said you could make your man’s skin smoother and deep-cleansed with just one product you’d probably want to put it to the test. Clarins claim to offer just that with their launch of  2-in-1 Clarins Men daily exfoliating cleanser – with results in just four weeks!  Abigail Parkin ponders the benefits of men looking more like Clarins’ ambassador Camille Lacourt (pictured). 15 June ’12

Clarins have appointed world swimming champion, Camille Lacourt ambassador of Clarins Men exfoliating cleanser (and what an ambassador !). Specifically formulated for men’s skin, the exfoliator deeply cleanses, exfoliates and quickly prepares skin for shaving.

The boffins at Clarins Laboratories carry out extensive research and tests in order to select the most effective plant extracts for its products. Soap Root extract and Zinc Gluconate plant eliminates  impurities and reduces excess oil without leaving the skin feeling tight and uncomfortable while microspheres of Salicylic Acid biologically exfoliates to ensure fewer ingrown hairs and a smoother shave. Bison Grass is an aromatic plant that’s a key ingredient of every Clarins Men product with  strong energising properties keep skin fit and healthy.

Men’s skin tends to produce excess quantities of sebum on the face. Being thicker, men’s skin also renews itself more slowly. Dead skin cells accumulate on the skin surface which can block the follicle and cause spots, blackheads and ingrown hair.

Regular exfoliation is deep-cleanses the skin. A gentle exfoliator can eliminate dead cells that block pores, refine skin texture, smooth the skin surface making shaving easier .

 *Results after the first application: Cleansed and purified skin 100%

Feedback results after four weeks of use: Healthier skin 100%, Deep cleansed pores 100%, Easier shave 95.2%, Fresh complexion 100%, Reduction in imperfections 94.7%, Soft skin 97.7%, Reduction in shave spots 93.5% and Smooth skin 97.6%.

*Study involving 43 men. 46% of whom had sensitive skin and 55% a tough beard. An evaluation was carried out immediately after application and after four weeks of use of Clarins Men exfoliating cleanser.


Price and presentation: 125ml soft touch flip cap tube £20

Availability: June 2012


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