Earth Day 2020

WASHINGTON Over 100 million people took action in 192 countries in honour of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary despite the Covid pandemic. Chris Page

Mayors, national governments, and multilaterals made commitments on a wide range of environmental issues, including climate literacy and renewable energy. Elsewhere people pledged to vote, parents and teachers educated millions of their students and children about environmental issues, and hundreds of millions of trees were planted. 

Earth Day Network (EDN) also hosted a live-streamed broadcast around the globe and across platforms. With teach-ins and artist performances, the all-day event featured global leaders, activists, actors, artists and musicians.  

Highlights of Earth Day’s 50th include:

The Earth Day 50 livestream reached more than 8.5M views and while EDN’s website had more than 2 million unique visitors.

His Holiness Pope Francis gave a global message to the planet.

Just after midnight on Earth Day, the Roman Coliseum was lit with EDN’s 50th anniversary logo. Global musical artist Zucchero Fornaciari played the piano in its shadow. With Bono off-camera together they sang “Canta La Vita” adapted from Bono’s “Let Your Love Be Known” to Pope Francis. More 2.1 million people downloaded a multi-Grammy award winner song Dharti Ma

Women’s participation in Earth Day in 22 MENA countries this year was 50% higher than any other year.

Speeches and performances included the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres, VP Al Gore, Roger Waters and Prince Albert of Monaco.

Hollywood actor and environmental activist, Ed Begley and his daughter writer and actor, Hayden Begley, co -hosted Digital Earth Day.  Words cannot describe how honoured I feel to have taken part in Earth Day 2020,” she said.

“Despite much of the world sheltering in place and the tragedy of the pandemic, tens of millions of people participated in Earth Day in 192 countries,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of EDN.

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