Etihad’s New Jet Age

First class airline travel has just become second class thanks to Etihad Airways. The airline’s new luxurious three-room onboard cabin makes it the most exclusive ticket on a commercial passenger aircraft today – at a cost of around £15,000, one way!  Sat Bal 


The cost didn’t deter Mr Gino Bertuccio, The Residence cabin’s first passenger on the inaugural flight. The Miami-based businessman and aviation enthusiast was the first passenger to experience the living room, double bedroom and ensuite bathroom that comprise The Residence. Mr Bertuccio also had a dedicated Savoy Academy-trained butler and concierge team on call throughout his flight. The pioneering Residence concept, unique to Etihad Airways, will be available on the airline’s incoming fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft.



Etihad Airways’ service debut saw the A380 flight take off from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) for London Heathrow on 27 December, 2014.



Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ chief commercial officer, said of his VIP passenger: “On December 27, he became part of aviation history as the first member of an elite group of Etihad Airways guests to enjoy the world’s most luxurious and exclusive hospitality and service experience in the air.”



Mr Bertuccio (pictured below) who runs Ligi Import Corp said: “I have followed Etihad Airways and I have always admired the products the airline has launched. My only wish is that the flight was longer.”



An ideal enthusiast for this flight, he revealed that he owns nearly 2000 model aircraft, as well as albums filled with boarding passes, certificates and photos from past flights. The connoisseur flew on his first inaugural 25 years ago and has since travelled on 22 inaugural and final flights in premium class cabins.

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