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Gido Schimanski is an international teacher and coach whose ‘Transformational Programmes’ have been adopted by actors, choreographers and financiers alike. Clients can expect specifically tailored coaching with an emphasis on removing ‘self-sabotage’ barriers to success. Sat Bal 

Your clients are successful individuals in the creative industries. As such, why do they need coaching on success

GS Having worked with high performing clients for many years now I noticed one issue repeatedly arises: the image that comes with their success often becomes a burden they feel enslaved by.

Sometimes they find it hard to accept or even see what others celebrate in them. They know they are successful, have proof they are doing well yet often still feel small, insignificant or are waiting to ‘be found out’.

How do you respond? 

I believe there is a reason for their success. It is part of their purpose. My role is to help them close the gap between the image they project and how they really feel inside, enabling them to enjoy who they truly are. This requires working at a deep level and shifting the damaging fundamental subconscious beliefs and paradigms they hold.

 There is a lot of competition in the self-improvement coaching area. What make you different?

Firstly, it’s my affinity with my clients’ backgrounds. My own past as an actor and a dancer means that I’m in tune with their challenges. Secondly, I concentrate on a specific niche; individuals that have already achieved success but who now need to feel comfortable ‘wearing’ this success, or want to take that success even further. 

 What services are in the pipeline?

I‘m really excited about the release of my Successful Auditions Programme for Creative High Achievers, online. The results from the Beta test group have been amazing. It’s a six-week audio course that holds the perfomers’ hands through the gruelling auditions process – from receiving the call to beyond leaving the stage. It shows them how to break the blocks and patterns that stop them from being at the top of their game. In essence, it allows them to create new habits of success.

Give our readers five golden nuggets of advice.

  1. Challenge your beliefs. Don’t believe the negative things you think about yourself! Those beliefs come through a pre-conditioned mindset which by its nature can only be limited and limiting. And that mindset only has one job: to reinforce your already existing beliefs about yourself.
  2. Be ready for love. When you have thousands of people screaming your name with admiration, you will need a lot of self-love and self-acceptance in order to cope with it. Working on your self-acceptance is key. It always comes down to self-love. Be kind to yourself.
  3. Practice gratitude for what you are, do or have. This is key, and a discipline that needs to be trained. By actively feeling grateful for what you have you will allow more abundance into your life. Accept a compliment you receive and bite your tongue when you want to deprecate yourself. This will help you close that famous gap we spoke of before. Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.
  4. Celebrate others. Truly confident people have no problem celebrating this because they understand that there is no true competition. Quite the opposite, by seeing and celebrating someone else’s essence, beauty or talent you activate the same qualities in you. That means you both grow and what else could be more beautiful in the world right now?
  5. Be still. Meditation is not only a powerful tool, it is essential for your confidence. Only 15 minutes of stillness every day will connect you with your authentic self, make you calmer and more resourceful. You will begin to see situations as they truly are and not through the filters of stress and fear.


To your success,


See the Auditions Programme at www.gidoschimanski.com/auditions


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