Glastonbury VIPs lord it with LBHQ and Halo

Planning to revolutionise the festival arena and the way festival VIPs party, LBHQ and The Halo Group has developed an innovative structure that hits Glastonbury this summer. Abigail Parkin (25 May 11)


By simplifying and reducing build times, and easing the ability of incorporating themes within the modular system means The Halo structure promises to revolutionise the look and impact of structures across the live events industry as a whole.

The collaboration with LBHQ will see a cutting edge creation within one of the festivals leading fields, Shangri-La. Cladding and production features can be easily added to the skeletal frame allowing a huge amount of artistic license.

“The festival experience has evolved over the last few years challenging brands and production teams to deliver experiential activations that stand out and offer a different experience to what people have seen before,” commented Sam Matthews, creative director of The Halo Group. “We believe our system will carve a new level of experimentation and creativity into the live events arena and we’re thrilled to be working with similarly creative-minded people at Shangri-La and Lovebullets this year allowing us to use our system to its full potential.”

The two-floor Halo Group structure will offer guests a downstairs party area whilst, LBHQ have created an upstairs chill out and cocktail lounge for VIPs. Envisage slippers, smoking jackets and cigars. A relaxed and cosy ambience, lounging on Chesterfield sofas, sipping a special Barrio bar cocktail watching the world go by on the balcony surrounded by luxurious rouge gathered curtains and atmospheric mood lighting...a vast contrast to the hectic shenanigans of the Shangri-La below.



The structure will be showcased on the 22nd – 26th June, LBHQ in the Shangri-La arena, Glastonbury Festival.

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