Heidi Klum EMA Press call


Red Carpet takes time out to chat with supermodel Heidi Klum about her role as presenter of the MTV EMA which airs live on Sunday 11 Nov from Frankfurt. We’ll be there on the red carpet to bring you all the artist and awards news. Sat Bal (2 Nov 12)

As a businesswoman, supermodel and TV host Heidi Klum is used to being in the public eye. But the Project Runway host confessed to being nervous and excited about next week’s EMA which features awards nominations for Muse, Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa among others.

Here Klum tells us about her love of Versace style and Psy's Gangnam Style. And why she's looking forward to a catch-up with her old mate Gwen Stefani...

The EMA Frankfurt venue

"It's going to be turned into a circus tent. It'll be very magical and you should expect a visual treat. I don't think I'll so a trapeze act but I might do some circus-type performance!"

Memorable former EMA hosts

"I don't particularly identify with any of the former hosts but Ali G was very memorable. I know Sacha and he's just so naturally funny that his show hosting was bound to be a hit. "

Will you be singing on Sunday night?

"Any singing I do will be from the side of the stage. No, I don't think they (the organisers) are planning to have me sing anything. I usually sing in the car and it's something an audience would want to listen to. I don't always know exactly what the words are for all the songs. I usually make them up. Dancing? Yes, I think I might have to shake my booty a bit!"

EMA hosting nightmares

“With so many people watching around the world and the EMA being a live broadcast the scariest thing would be something like my dress splitting or falling apart. Or maybe the teleprompter not working. Actually that might not be so bad because I could still carry it off. So yes, the real nightmare would be the dress.”

Why Versace wins

“Donatella sent over  spectacular outfits. They are very short and very sexy and very MTV, very music. I always think that music and fashion go hand in hand. The collection will have a bit of a circus theme."

Music pals

"I hope to have a drink with my friend Gwen Stefani who will be performing at the show. I'm looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift, Pitbull and so many others too. I'd be happy to co-host with Justin Bieber. He is so sweet. At home my daughter loves Carly Rae Jepson so I'd like to get her autograph."

Heidi's four kids are also fans of Psy's Gangnam Style."It's one of the songs that's a big hit in the house," she added. 

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