Introducing C de Cartier

The fine jeweller brings us the C de Cartier bag in a range of colours for a range of moods. Hannah Charlesworth gets moody. (10 Jun'15)

 Whether you're after spring zing or business flair the C de Cartier offers an array of hues that shimmer with Parisian finesse. Inspired by fine stones, this subtly sophisticated bag exudes feminine style.



Style does not override substance. The size of the bags makes them practical and offers the option of shoulder or hand-carry.

With Taurillon leather and palladium finishes, the range comes in the eye-catching colour swatch pictured above: Turquoise, Cordierite, Spessartite Garnet,Chalcedony, Amethyst and Pink Quartz.

Bag yours before the limited editions disappear.

Prices from £1,640

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