Isle be there


The White Isle is set for an invasion of pleasure-seeking narcissism with huge glitter balls providing the backdrop and house tunes swaying the crowds at Disco's Revenge every Saturday night at Es Paradis; Ibiza's prime party venue.

Carl Hannaghan A&R director for Hed Kandi sums up the delights of the Ibiza weekend. (21 June '11)



Hed Kandi’s travel kit opens with the download of its new (free) Ibiza app and presents a full Hed Kandi Ibiza guide supplied with free HK tracks and a remixing tool for those who fancy DJing on the beach. Then wind your way into the twilight and a refresh stop at the new Hed Kandi Bar, for a colourful confection of cocktails, on the emerging Uptown San Antonio strip next to the Egg Roundabout. Expect an early buzz as Hed Kandi DJs and its shimmering dancers prise the crowd away from the cocktail bar and onto the floor.

Man doesn’t live by mojitos alone so take your hunger to the sunset strip for some delicious Asian-inspired dinner at the serene Savannahs beach club. As sun gives way to moon the Hed Kandi DJ and percussionist raise the tempo - and out glide the disco roller girls entreating revellers to dance.

Leaving the Savannah for a fortifying shot of drinks back at the Hed Kandi Bar sets the tone for Disco’s Revenge at Es Paradis. The night opened on June 4 and has a capacity crowd of 2,500 which whoops it up amid stilted transvestites and the roller-skated dancers – and the saxophonist hanging from the giant moon above the crowd’s head.

Hed Kandi knows how to create memorable events and has pumped this knowledge into Es Paradis where disco will surely have its revenge this summer.




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