Isle of MTV 2014, Malta


This week Malta welcomed Red Carpet  to its annual music fest, the Isle of MTV once again. Sat Bal met Nicole Scherzinger, Enrique Iglesias, Dizzee Rascal and Kiesza and watched them generate onstage power at the show where MTV’s production teams pulled out the stops to create a visual spectacular. (27 Jun'14)

The show was delivered in partnership with Malta Tourism Authority and sponsored by music and lifestyle brand House of Marley and Someone Like Me, a global sex education campaign collaboration between Durex and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. A 60-minute broadcast will be aired across 20 MTV channels internationally beginning 1 August. 

The Isle of MTV took to its eighth consecutive year in Malta with gusto on Wednesday, illuminating Malta´s Il-Fosos Square venue with huge screens, pyrotechnics and strobes as one performer after another commanded the stage.

Ahead of this Red Carpet met the stars of the show in the grounds of our hotel, the 5-star Grand Hotel Excelsior. MTV’s Laura Whitmore hosted and introduced MTV ‘Push Artist’ Kiesza. The Canadian singer songwriter confessed her fondness for Malta’s “great fish” and launched into an impromptu demo of ‘locking’ dance moves between questions.



Laura Whitmore with Nicole Scherzinger at the press conference

Down-to- earth London boy Dizzee Rascal had us in stitches when asked to describe his finished work in three words. “It’s fucking done!” was his careful response. He added that living in East London brought him into contact with a lot of Maltese people.  

Nicole Scherzinger looked very ‘Herbal Essences’; sleek hair a-billowing in the balmy Maltese breeze. Nic lightened the mood by mimicking Enrique Iglesias’ Spanish ‘luurve’ accent before adopting Kiesza’s fish theme. “Today I woke up early and made it a point to go and swim with tuna,” she told us. “I’m an island girl since I’m from Hawaii, so I’m a bit like a tuna in the water.”

Asked about luxury brands she commented "I think luxury is about setting and reviewing standards. Whether it's my ambassador role with British Airways' First Class or with the perfectionism I try to bring to performances."

Returning to the theme of music the former XFactor judge promised a “hearts and balls” performance.  So was it? Read on…

Kiesza demonstrates performer energy at the show

Maltese DJ duo Tenishia opened the show, rousing the audience and paving the way for electro-pop singer songwriter Kiesza. Her energetic dance set included new single GiantIn My Heart, and the hit Hideaway. The ‘locking’ dance moves promised at the press call were executed with dance-beat precision by Kiesza to the whooping of the 50,000-plus audience.

Dizzee Rascal bounded onto the stage next with three ‘hype’ men:a singer, DJ and support rapper. His  rap, hip hop and UK garage infusion pounded from the stage as he lifted  tracks from his new album The Fifth, including Something Really Bad and earlier hits such as Fix Up Look Sharp. But it was smashes such as Dance Wiv Me and Bonkers that really got the Euro crowd, well, bonkers.

Dizzee Rascal crowd pleasing

Anticipation reigned as the sun set and the fans awaited Nicole Scherzinger. She didn’t disappoint, hitting the stage wearing black leather shorts with gold body chains adorning her well-toned abs. Her complement of topless male dancers and hot girl dancers added further stage heat.

The singer impressed with both her vocals and the slickly performed dance routines that had been rehearsed to perfection earlier on. The karaoke crowd echoed everything from Scherzinger’s new single Your Love to old chestnuts Poison, Baby Love and Pussycat Doll dance hits Buttons, Jai Ho and the hit Don’t Cha. Tonight, this was the pussycat that had truly got the cream.

Spanish tomcat Enrique Iglesias marked his return to the Isle of MTV with global smashes I’m a Freak and Bailando from his new album Sex and Love. But it was the opening strains of Heartbeat that brought the ‘Sex and Love’ tone truly into the frame when Nicole Scherzinger returned to the stage to perform a steamy duet with Enrique.

Nicole and Enrique feeling heartbeats

 Wearing gold sequin shorts, she and he played the luurve couple with conviction amid  eye-gazing, stroking and hugging. The song ended with the duo locked in a long embrace to the approving whistles of the crowd. You’d think that Nicole hadn’t just celebrated her sixth anniversary with racing star Hamilton Lewis!

Globally renowned DJ Hardwell (above) then brought further disorder to the house, closing the show with hit remixes including Arcadia and Apollo  interspersed with pyrotechnics, CO2 bursts, strobe lighting, steamers and confetti. Hardwell rangs in our ears as we were ferried off by boat to the MTV aftershow party.

Earlier, Nicole Scherzinger had promised us a show with “hearts and balls” – the Isle of MTV 2014 certainly seemed to capture hearts and, quite possibly, a fair few balls too…



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