Johnnie Walker Blue Label Club launch

This week saw the launch of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Club which bills itself as the first private members’ club of its kind. The launch triggers a diary of future Johnnie Walker Blue Label events and privileges for its ‘invitation only’ club. Abigail Parkin (4 May 12)

If you thought there was a sudden abundance of Rolls-Royce Phantoms gliding through London on Tuesday night then it was probably because they were conveying VIP guests to the Blue Label party courtesy of H.R.Owen. Royal and society London joined accomplished guests from music, business, fashion and film to celebrate the launch of new online Blue Label club and size up its offline benefits.

Apart from online access to the event calendar members can attend club gatherings which act as a connection hub to leading names in sporting, culinary, entertainment and other influential sectors at select UK venues. 

Alex Nichol, Nick Candy, Ed Taylor, James Middleton and Jamie Reuben

Launch guests sampled Johnnie Walker Blue Label drinks including, ‘The Perfect Serve’ and ’Blue Highlands Blend’ and tucked into canapés; smoked salmon and chervil crepe with chive crème fraiche, gazpacho, asparagus and more. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label cupcakes attracted particular attraction and were concocted by James Middleton party company, Nice Group and delivered by the man himself.

 After a speech to mark the launch of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Club by Ben Elliot and club secretary Edward Taylor, Jackson Scott kicked off the celebrations, playing a riveting live acoustic set of flamenco and gypsy inspired music, swiftly followed by Issac Ferry on the decks.

Philippa Cadogan and Ed Taylor

Club owners Jake Parkinson-Smith and Charlie Gilkes were overheard selecting Johnnie Walker Blue Label as the new drink to be served to their VIP guests at Boujis and Maggie’s. The presence of Alexandra Finlay, great-granddaughter of Alec Walker from the John Walker family, lent the party a suitably dynastic feel. The Fin’s shoes founder’s new collections drew plenty of attention as did fellow founder Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs who arrived in a striking purple knee-length from her Beulah London range.

Jackson Scott gets the party going


Guests indulged in private whisky tasting sessions held by DIAGEO and Johnnie Walker Blue Label Brand Ambassador Kabir Suharan and were able to re-taste the complex flavours with gifts of  personally engraved bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, giving them automatic membership to the Club. 

The Johnnie Walker taste test


Bryony Daniels and Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs


See: www.johnniewalkerbluelabelclub.com

 Pics: Marcus Dawes



VIP guests included:
David Gandy
Max Brown and Annabelle Horsey
Henry Cavill
Marcus and Jane Wareing
Jecca Craig
Tyrone Wood
Otis Ferry
Edie Campbell
Issac Ferry
Ben and Mary-Clare Elliot
Princess Florence Von Preussen
Violet Von Westenholz
Wilfred and George Frost
Beatrix Ong
Jake and Simera Parkinson-Smith
Harry Becher
Henry Conway
Deb Von Bismark
Amber Nuttal
Pinky Laing
Olivia Inge
Zara Martin and Sunday Girl







Marcus Wareing and host Ben Elliot

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