Lady Gaga sues Lloyd’s

Lady Gaga's management company has sued three Lloyd's of London insurance syndicates over a cancelled concert. She was joined in the action by concert promoters Live Nation LG Tours and Mermaid Touring. Chris Page (11 Mar ’13)

The claim alleges that the Lloyd’s insurers failed to pay out on a terrorism policy when Lady Gaga’s concert in Indonesia last year. The concert was pulled after threats by an Islamic extremist group which denounced “vulgar” Gaga as a "devil's messenger" who performs in just a "bra and panties".

Some 50,000 tickets were sold but the show was cancelled after the threats and the refusal of Indonesian police to support the gig.

The claimants Live Nation LG Tours, Mermaid Touring and Atom Factory (Gaga’s management company) are seeking upwards of $150,000 in damages for breach of contract. They argued that the “substantial premiums” paid should have entitled them to protection against the Jakarta gig cancellation.

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