Live The Bond Life

London-based travel experts Brown + Hudson know just how to turn your travels into  bespoke role play experiences. Here, the company’s founder Philippe Brown briefs Hannah Charlesworth on living ‘The Bond Life.’ (29 Oct'14)

Ian Fleming’s stories of espionage have inspired travel, style and luxury the world over. Philippe Brown reveals how he turns film fiction into a thrilling reality for clients who are looking for dramatic escapism.



 Forget the cars, the clothes and the gadgets, Mr. Bond has an important job to do. Learning the skills of a spy, from close-quarter combat to covert surveillance, is the number one priority for anyone wanting to live the Bond life. Secret training facilities in the British countryside, manned by former personnel of the intelligence services, can teach trainees to resist interrogation, fire Bond’s signature weapons and even spot a poisoned drink. Tracking a mark through the winding streets of London or chasing a supercar through the Dolomites will put these newfound skills to the test.

“Expert interrogators will be on hand to advise on how best to read someone’s actions, ensuring everyone survives the night. Naturally, once training is complete it is only right that Bond has the best tools to do the job.”


Meet Q

“We’ll provide the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish to test out on the glacial lakes of Jökulsárlón or the silver DB5 to journey over the rugged moors of Scotland. Flying in private jets and sporting a Savile Row tuxedo, Bond arrives in style and looks the part. A visit to the Omega factory in Switzerland to design a signature timepiece will offer up the only souvenir fitting for such globetrotting adventures.”


Secret spots

 “First stop is the incredible Contra Dam in Switzerland. Setting for the opening scene of Goldeneye and perched 220 metres above the Verzasca River below, a spot of abseiling should get the heart pumping. Dinner is a rendezvous via private helicopter at the revolving Piz Gloria restaurant in the Bernese Alps, instantly recognisable from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

“When the sun sets, Bond will be found in the casino - Monte Carlo of course – playing a game of Texas Hold’em with World Poker Tour star Dan Bilzerian. No top spy requires Dutch courage, but a cocktail masterclass in the elegant Buddha-Bar is enjoyed nonetheless; think many a dry martini and plenty of chilled Dom Perignon.”




“As the world of James Bond becomes reality, it could be time to escape to another world altogether. A visit to Cape Canaveral to meet Buzz Aldrin, followed by a flight to Moscow and the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre will provide the mental and physical training needed for an extraplanetary voyage. A visit to the International Space Station to circle the planet at 17,000mph reveals the magnificence of planet earth beneath. A step further? A spare $150 million could even take you to the moon and back.”


See:  www.brownandhudson.com 

Images courtesy of Shackleton PR



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