Luxury Comedy Returns

The notion of adding the word  ‘luxury’ to ‘comedy’  is initself  “Genius!” as Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh might say. Luxury Comedy rolled out for a second series last night after a divisive debut.  Sat Bal (1 Aug’14)

The Mighty Boosh was, of course, the psychedelic TV starting point for Noel Fielding as Vince Noir and Julian Barratt who played Vince’s long-suffering mate, Howard Moon.

The crazy surrealism of Boosh was a hit with viewers and the BBC alike. Who can forget  hysterical characters like the green merman Old Gregg  who tries to woo Howard Moon with the line “Do you want to go to a club where people wee on each other?”  Or washed out actor  Montgomery Flange advising Howard: "You need the appropriate acting attire... tights my boy, I want to see you skipping among the bracken in your tights!"   

How we laughed. Until Luxury Comedy made its debut. While Noel Fielding’s first series drew in hardcore Boosh fans it left almost everyone else cold. As Fielding said: “Some people loved it and some people got really furious.”  So it was left to Luxury Comedy part 2 to make peace with viewers.

Last night’s episode indicated that lessons had been learned and Fielding and his co-writer Nigel Coan  struck a comedic truce with viewers. The random non sequiturs of series one have given way to something resembling structure and a storyline. All in all more Booshy and watchable.  

We now have a very Noel Fielding base setting: a coffee shop perched on the edge of a volcano in Hawaii. It’s here that we meet his outré supporting cast. Dolly, the cool Berlin muse (played by Dolly Wells), Andy Warhol (Tom Meeten) and hybrid human/anteater Smooth, played by Fielding’s brother Michael (Naboo in the Boosh).  And let’s not forget Paul Panther, a blue surfer with woman’s breasts.

The current series is subtitled Tales from Painted Hawaii and the first in the series did have a plot,  such that it was. You see, erecting your coffee shop on the edge of a volcano can upset the locals. So it was no surprise (in Noel Fielding land) to find the cast of Magnum PI ,the locals, take umbrage with the planning breach. Sanctions? They demanded that Fielding be sacrificed of course. Thankfully Paul Panther saves the day which means that viewers can treat themselves to the next range of episodes!

Join us next week for another cliffhanging (geddit?) episode.  

 Luxury Comedy 2: Tales from Painted Hawaii', started 31 July, 10pm on E4





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