MTV Aftershow parties

Behind the scenes at the 02 World arena nervous anticipation gave way to systemic efficiency as the formidable MTV EMA machinery moved into show launch mode with Green Day’s insistence that the capacity audience should "get off your fuckin’ ass." Red Carpet obliged, dividing our time between the show, backstage and artists. 



Away from the arena hysteria temporary dressing rooms proclaimed the names of their transient occupants; Beyonce, Shakira, Katy Perry - in stark black lettering on white doors – all names poised to answer the baying calls of the crowd outside.

The futuristic Artists’ Lounge adopted 02 branding, with ivory white furnishing peppering a navy backdrop and a bar laden with fruit and snacky nibbles. Here, music’s peers mingled in relaxation giving the lounge the air of a slick staff room at this sought after School of Rock which became a transit space for performers and presenters returning from onstage duties.

At the bar Placebo’s Brian Molko (above) demonstrated his party mood following the band’s award for The Best Alternative act. The dark one lightened the atmosphere when he plucked a handful of oranges from the bar and treated his crew to an impromptu, and skilful, juggling display.

Meanwhile Joss Stone had now swapped her knee-length boots for Greek goddess chic in a fetching white wrap dress. But all eyes were on Beyonce - well, Beyonce on TV anyway. As she went through her own goddess moment on stage a semi-circle of artists huddled around the TV murmuring their approval.

The artist(ic) fun continued in the "Gifting Suite" where we joined Joss Stone and Green Day's Tré Cool, among others, who were smitten by the Lumacoustics' digital wall in this private suite. This set the scene for much graffiti activity which was digitally "sprayed" on the screen with the creativity aided by pink champagne.


The Parties 

There was certainly something of a post-Wall euphoria as the EMAs ended and the parties started. The crisp Berlin night was ablaze with party prospects and party intelligence was openly swapped and overheard; would it be the official MTV aftershow, the EMI party, the bash thrown by Universal records – or all three? And so a long, long night ensued. 

First stop was the official MTV afterparty which saw the Foo Fighters join guests whileFatboy Slim and Soul II Soul legend Jazzie B hit the decks to entertain the celebs. The Backstreet Boys broke into dance while playing the stage to the whoops of guests.Juliette Lewis played with gusto in front of drapes with her name emblazoned in huge letters. 

Dave Grohl & Paul Danan                  Fatboy Slim


Across town at the E-Werk/EMI party it was a similar sight of queues building up around the guarded entrance. Showsec Security kept efficient order distinguishing blaggers from guests. The cold November chill soon gave way to the warmth of a heaving crowd and the welcome sound of deep bass rumbling. 

The EMI party within the main party might have been smaller than in the past but our cordial host Sefton Woodhouse, senior A&R at EMI, reset the mood at the roped-off event with some bracing rounds of Jägermeister. A nearby Harvey Goldsmith regaled us with tales of the Universal Records party and its celeb credentials. 

He was right - over at the Universal Records party Tokio Hotel and Pixie Lott (Best UK & Ireland Act winner) took their place among the famous faces, hip Berliners and international party crowd.  


Pixie Lott in D&G                       Best Group winner, Tokio Hote


Danke schön, Berlin, danke schön...

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