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Red sandspurry, sleepy morning and scurvy grass might not sound too alluring but these plant extracts will have skin perfectionists running to their nearest Clarins counter for the new Vital Light Serum says Abigail Parkin (6 Sept ’11)

The Vital Light Serum is a skin tone perfector that in one single step has three luminosity-restoring actions on the skin. It fades out dark spots, it brightens age-related dull skin tone and it helps smooth and repair lines.

Here comes the science bit...

At the heart of the Vital light serum are four main ingredients: Hexylresorcinol, a dark spot correcting molecule whose effectiveness and tolerance has been proven by rigorous clinical testing within the pharmaceutical industry, plus three ‘pioneer’ plant extracts.

Spergularia (red sandspurry), reinforces the effectiveness of Hexylresorcinol in correcting dark spots, cochleria officinnalis (scurvy grass), helps eliminate the skin’s old oxidised intracellular proteins which would otherwise accumulate and turn the skin a darker, duller tone.

It also helps protect collagen fibres from oxidation, waltheria (sleepy morning), incorporated in a patented complex with soothing molecule tiliroside and a tripeptide, which has a widespread restricting action on the skin. The stimulation of new collagen protects existing collagen from oxidation.

But, does it work?

Vital Light Serum was tested for two weeks by 133 women

 - Dark spots reduced 71.2%

- More even complexion 87.8%

- Firmer, smoother skin 83.9%




Vital Light Serum is available from September 2011 in a 30ml glass bottle with pump at £56

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