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The MTV Europe Music Awards were broadcast live from Berlin's 02 World arena last Thursday on bonfire night. Red Carpet flew to the host city to review the event which was hosted, once again, by Katy Perry.

The dominant EMA theme was the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and U2's surprise performance with rapper Jay-Z at the Brandenburg Gate. Oh - and David Hasselhoff's sequinned jacket.
Naturally, events like this are about the music and the performers. 

Sat Bal spoke to them as the talent filed onto the red carpet. (9 Nov '09)

SB  How do the EMAs compare to other awards shows that you’ve attended?

"Truth is, the EMAs are usually a little more rock than the American awards, you know, with the bar and hospitality in the middle of everything. 

"Two years ago Taylor (Hawkins) and I interviewed people at the bar in the arena and we got fucking wasted! It was Jägermeister 
and a microphone on live TV! So we have to hand it to Europe - you know how to keep the party going!"  

Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters








SB  What brings you to the Berlin EMA Juliette?  

 "I’m here presenting an award for the best alternative band and it’s a great category with bands like Muse, Placebo, The Killers - all wonderful bands. U2 playing tonight is going to be really special.

SB   How did you decide your look and what's this rumour about a red jumpsuit for your performance at the afterparty?

"I didn’t really plan my look. I’m in the middle of a band tour right now so it was a matter of pulling together things from my tour wardrobe. The red jumpsuit? Well you're going to be at the afterparty so come and watch me perform and you'll see if the rumour's true."

Juliette Lewis




SB  Was the fall of the Berlin Wall significant to you?

Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day

BA "It was very important. The first time we came to Berlin was in 1991.

"To me the fall signified the freedom to be, creative and open up to new technology. I think that freedom will in the end change music which itself is eventually going to be free."

SB   Are you looking forward to meeting David Hasselhoff?? 

BA  "No, not really. Will he be wearing his Speedos?" 


SB    Shakira, ever thought of adding Indian bhangra dancing to your exotic repertoire? 

(Laughs) "Hey, that's a great idea. Bhangra's definitely got energy and I've had  Arabic belly dancing styles with Bollywood also influencing my routines.

 "So yes, bhangra dancing - I'll be working on my choreographyI might just surprise everyone so brace yourself!"   









SB   Pixie, has your first EMA experience been nerve-wracking?

"I’m not really a nervous person but I am excited about my first MTV EMA and I think it’s going to be a really fun event. I've been working on my album Turn It Up for ages now so this show will be a great unwind.
SB  You're looking expensively chic tonight, tell us about your ensemble and which performances you're looking forward to later
"Thank you! Well I chose a little black D&G number and D&G shoes which I picked at the last minute for this event. 

"I’m a fan of Green Day so it’s going to be great to watch them perform. I confess that I also like David Hasselhoff’s sparkling jacket!"
Pixie Lott - Best UK & Ireland Act winner



SB What are you expecting from the show?

"I’m here to enjoy the artists play and I’m very fortunate to be on a TV show like The Hills that has such a big music presence and that allows me to come to events like this. I really want to see U2 and Jay-Z."

 Brody Jenner


SB Which female artist would you like to add to your mobile?

"Shakira would be good, oh and Katy Perry. And let's not forget Beyonce, she'd be a good addition to the phone list."  Backstreet Boys

Beyonce and Katy Perry await calls from the Backstreet Boys

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