See in the New Year – for £20,013

A penthouse apartment, your own ‘party butler’ and New Year’s views over Westminster are some of the enticements offered to the owner of County Hall’s New Year 2013 package - at a cost of just over £20k. Chris Page (17 Dec ’12)

This most exclusive New Year’s Eve party at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall allows the host to bring a partner and eight friends to join the festivities. On check-in the host will meet executive chef Gareth Bowen to discuss the menu which includes Maine lobster, Beluga caviar (both specially flown in) and  Gillray’s truffle chips.  


What else does a £20,013 party get you?

 -          A night in the hotel’s penthouse with great views of London’s fireworks at midnight

-          Party butler assigned to the buyer of this package to meet the host’s needs and whims

-          Dresser/stylist who will organise a wardrobe of clothes and accessories for the couple to enjoy during Celebrity DJ to play at the party after dinner

-          Award-winning film makers to film the event

-          Limitless champagne

-          Tiffany gifts (£3,500)


The plan

 -          Champagne Afternoon Tea in the famous library with views over the River Thames and traditional tea with a best-selling author who will read book excerpts


-          In suite ‘his and her’ running treatments for three hours including some of the most expensive rituals from the Dr. Murad spa


-          A private twilight swim in the half Olympic sized pool


-          Party butler reviews the outfits and jewellery for the evening - on loan from some of the city’s top fashion houses


-          At 7pm the Westminster Suite will be transformed with flowers chosen by the host festooned about the suite and bedroom.


-          Personal dressers, hair and make-up artists transform the 2013 couple


-          At 9pm their guests arrive for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Specially prepared six courses with chef preparing a bespoke menu and the chief sommelier delivering his choice of fine wines for each course


-          From 11pm guests can enjoy the celebrations from around Europe on a bank of screens in the suite. Each guest will then be presented with a Tiffany keepsake.   Midnight sees a theatrical production of indoor fireworks followed by the real thing outside.


The party will go on until the early hours fired up by a celebrity DJ and the couple’s friends get the best rooms in house to sleep off their excesses. New Year’s Day will be celebrated by a breakfast of the finest locally-cured salmon, eggs and a banquet of pastries, fruits, hams, breads and, of course, more champagne.

And to ensure the memory doesn’t fade the event will be filmed by award-winning film makers to enjoy and review at will.

To book e-mail mhrs.lonch.dosm@marriotthotels.com

NB Package only be offered to one person. 



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