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Mooring in Mauritius - Review


When a country runs at a winter temperature of 24°C you know that its hospitality is also going to be warm. In Mauritius, the hospitality fair sizzles whatever the season, as Sat Bal discovered.  Read more


Hong Kong, the luxury gap


Is Hong Kong still HYV-positive (Hermès Yohji Versace) wonders Sat Bal as Red Carpet  roamed Asia Pacific’s luxury landscape. We were aided on our quest by Mandarin Oriental hotel, The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, global production company Imagination and Sir David Tang’s China Club among others. Click the images at the end of this (5-part) piece to catch their take on how nouveau-riche and ancient superstition drive this extraordinary city.  (28 Nov '12)

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Royal (Westmoreland) treatment - Barbados

“I don’t think my neighbour is in,” says John Morphet peering over his balcony. 

The absent “neighbour” is Gary Lineker and Morphet is master of all we survey. Under surveillance is his Royal Westmoreland estate in Barbados, a 500-acre belt of luxury villas situated on the Royal Westmoreland Golf and Country Club, itself a fixture on the world’s top ten of golfing residential resorts. Sat Bal reports 

From Morphet’s colonial-style mansion villa we’re afforded an uninterrupted vista of lush greenery, ocean swirl and deep blue west coast Barbados sky. Here, on the aptly named Flamboyant Drive, Morphet’s native Lancashire might be out of sight but it’s not out of mind.

The multi-million pound sale of his Lancashire-based South Lakeland Caravans business bolstered the fortunes of his Pure Leisure Group (PLG) which also owns Billing Aquadrome in Northampton. “Plcs had moved into our industry, they didn’t understand it and took on too much debt, expanded too quickly and failed,” he explains. “I sold before the rot set in."

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Sowing the seeds in Shanghai

Shanghai leads the pulsating beat of the new Chinese revolution. With a landscape gashed by crystalline skyscrapers and studded with boutique orgies on the Nanjing Road it’s fitting that the city should explore the evolution of urban life in the 21st century ; the stated aim of Expo 2010. Suky Jaspal reports from Shanghai and samples the Expo’s strapline of  "Better City, Better Life.”  (11 Jul 10)

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