The Clubhouse Expands to new Mayfair Space

Mayfair has just acquired its newest business club with the launch of The Clubhouse last week. Anna Bass (20 Jun’14)

The Clubhouse comprises a plush club, lounge and meeting space for entrepreneurs. It offers a new flexible working and socialising hub in London and follows the successful lead of its Clubhouse sibling at 11-14 Grafton Street which was launched in 2012.

 The concept is the same: to offer alternatives to the office, coffee shop and hotel lobby as meeting points. Located at Fifty Grosvenor Hill, the 6000 sq.ft. venue resembles a stylish members' club tuned to the tastes of today’s entrepreneurs. The company behind the venue is plans to open three more outlets to capitalise on perceived demand. 

The Clubhouse toasts its new venue

As such The Clubhouse aims to attract sectors ranging from technology and media through to  private equity. On offer are complimentary refreshments, high speed Wi-Fi and meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 40 guests. The boardroom accommodates up to 12 people and is equipped with conferencing facilities.  

 “We are delighted to be opening a second Clubhouse following the huge success of The Clubhouse on Grafton Street,” said founding CEO Adam Blaskey. “What’s more, it’s fantastic to see how The Clubhouse has been able to help many of our members grow and develop their companies.”


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