The Opposite House exhibits ‘Mountain Vastness’

The Opposite House hotel in Beijing plays gallery host to artist Charles Chau until the end of June. The move follows the success of his “Mountain Vastness” (BLACK series). Abigail Parkin (8 May’14)

His latest work “Mountain Vastness” (WHITE series)  features charcoal drawings and large scale sculptures. The exhibition presents Charles Chau’s “Breathing Mountain” sculpture which celebrates the evolution and formation of earth and applauds the grandeur of mountains and clouds.This theme is explored through a series of charcoal drawings – “Beyond”, “Transcend”, and “Reflect”.

"In this new set of works, I hope I have created a modest body of work of intensity and gravity,” said Chau.”I have aimed to convey the solidity and space of the mountain range: the massiveness of peaks that thrust up from the earth’s crust and the welcome emergence of creeks and streams; the space between, wherein we see the horizon." 

The distinctive piece comprises the use of wood panel, ABS, mixed materials, coated paint and LED lighting with the aim of realising a physical relationship with the viewer.

The Opposite House is located in Taikoo Li Sanlitun a busy new open-plan shopping, dining and entertainment destination developed by Swire Properties.  

“Chau’s work complements our atrium very well – he truly understands how to communicate unique messages through architectural and artistic simplicity in a way that is beautifully and carefully executed,” said Peter Wynne, area general manager of Swire Hotels.

Chau’s media background saw him in the role of MD / EVP for MTV North Asia, a global TV network of Viacom Inc. But since 2006, the artist has indulged his passion for art and architecture. The exhibition is curated by Neng Zhao part of Culture Continuum Consulting Co., Ltd.

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