This green and pleasant land

The Britain from the Air exhibition was launched recently on the ground in Bath city centre. It runs until the  end of February 2011 and will display fascinating images by Britain's foremost photographers, developed jointly by Wecommunic8 and the Royal Geographical Society. Sat Bal (8 Oct 10)

Arbor Low, Derbyshire (c) Webb Aviation

Michael Palin launched more than 100 intriguing aerial photographs of Britain’s natural and
engineered landscapes accompanied by a huge walk-on map. The outdoor exhibition is free to view and accessible 24 hours a day allowing visitors to walk the length and breadth of the country over a 16x8m Ordnance Survey map, exploring the precise location of each large-scale image.


Cottam Power Station, Nottinghamshire (c) Ian Hay

 "Our landscapes in Britain tell the stories of our heritage, bring alive the beauty of our environment, and challenge us all to understand the changes taking place in our towns and cities," said Michael Palin. "All too often, chasing far-away places, we forget just what beauty we have on our doorstep and just how varied Britain is, even today.This exhibition is designed to celebrate this diversity and shows us, very powerfully, just what we're missing down here on the ground." 

Glastonbury Festival, Somerset (c) Adrian Warren and Dae Sasitorn

Created jointly by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with street gallery pioneers
Wecommunic8, and supported by the Ordnance Survey, Britain from the Air captures Britain’s beauty as seen from its skies. Mountain valleys carved by glaciers, saw-toothed coastlines edged by glistening waters, abandoned villages and sprawling transport networks – all the aerial images tell their story with text, historical images and maps.

What they said:

 Stonehenge, Wiltshire(c) Dave White

"A unique value in the exhibition lies in its ability to help everyone to appreciate Britain and understand more about how natural forces and people have shaped its landscapes for millennia," she says. "As people take in this view of Britain as they've never seen it before, we hope it will inspire them to get out and about around the country and see for themselves the wonders of our islands." Director, Dr Rita Gardner, The Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) 

“We are privileged to be working with the RGS-IBG and some of the very best aerial photographers in Britain whose work we are proud to showcase in this extraordinary exhibition.Visitors to our street galleries have been telling us they want to see more of Britain, and so now we can invite the viewer to discover new places and also encourage them to re-visit familiar surroundings as seen from a completely new perspective.” Chris Bridge, Exhibition Director

Pagham-Spit,West-Sussex(c) Dave White

 “Ordnance Survey is delighted to support Britain from the Air. The walk-on map will give visitors a chance to explore their way around Britain and to chart the stunning locations brought to life in the aerial photographs. From school children and families to tourists and local visitors, we hope that by strolling around Britain in the middle of Bath city centre, it will encourage all to get out and discover for themselves the wonders of Britain’s landscapes.” Vanessa Lawrence, Director General and CEO, Ordnance Survey, 

“Bath is proud to be the first city to host this wonderful exhibition and has worked hard to make it happen. Its presence will bring additional visitors for the city centre and local schoolchildren will also benefit from having such an enlightening geography resource on their doorstep.”David Lawrence, Divisional Director, Bath and North East Somerset Council
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