This is a Serious Party!

The Secret Garden Party has announced its theme for 2015; ‘Childish Things’ is its entreaty to next year’s party folk. The festival also unveils its new website, illustrated by Dave Little, below. Sat Bal (14 Nov’14)

That Childish Things concept needs explaining and who better to explain than ‘Head Gardener’ Fred Fellowes? Over to you Fred…

 “Why are we encouraged so much to grow up and leave, what adults call, the best days of our lives? Not that we needed that much encouragement; we spent our time hurtling towards the 'next stage', determined to be bigger, more grown up, older, more mature and tall enough to take the ride. And what have we found? Certainly not all of the freedoms we thought we would.”  

 In other words rest assured it’ll live up to the festival’s strapline ‘This is a Serious Party!’ It’s also a party that’s been shortlisted for ‘Best Medium Festival’ and ‘Extra-Festival Activity’ awards at the forthcoming UK Festival Awards, having won ‘Best Medium Festival’ at the UK’s Live Music Business Awards last month.

Grant applications are now open for creative submissions and luxury camping is now on sale, so go to…



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