WBPO '07: Client - Madonna Ciccone Event Wedding Venue - Skibo Castle, Scotland

"Madonna came to us via a recommendation. I'd organised a wedding for her friend several months earlier. The friend told me that Madonna would be in touch but I didn't hear anything until about six weeks later.

"It was then that Madonna called me on her mobile about her wedding plans. Privacy was one of the biggest issues and she said that she would require a very private venue for her wedding. I suggested Skibo Castle.

"I later met her at Skibo and showed her around the venue. She viewed it with great interest, visualising which guest bedrooms would accommodate her wedding guests. She knew just what she wanted.

"The wedding was in December and I got her call in August. We organised several days of parties for Madonna and her guests. On other days they would have activities ranging from shopping to shooting.

"Privacy was a big element and Rock Steady handled the security. They were very good and kept press away so that no pictures made it into press.

"We didn't have to do much in the way of theming because Skibo Castle is a venue with its own charm and character, so we retained its natural theme." William Bartholomew

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