WBPO 2006: Location - Venice Event - Dinner Dance 400 Guests

"Here we transformed a palazzo in Venice ready for a dinner and dance. The several hundred invited guests arrived in 30 private water taxis. As for equipment every piece, from glassware to a marquee with a transparent roof, was transported on the Grand Canal by barge. It took two days to set this up and all the furniture came from England and a local restaurant did our catering.

"The event involved a whole weekend of parties. We brought in the jazz band from New Orleans and it was actually the original band which featured in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever.


"The tip for working abroad is to have strong forward planning. It's also very helpful to have a local name that you can trust. When we're in Venice I have a very efficient chap called Enrico, who is my fixer there. He's ideal for translation issues and worth his weight in gold when there are unexpected changes. His reply to any request is always 'no problem, William.' That is our philosophy with clients too." William Bartholomew



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